Auditions for 6 to 10 year olds -
Online Registration Form

Select the appropriate audition date/age group in the drop downfield below. Your child should audition in the group that corresponds with his or her age at the time of the audition.  (Five year olds who will be 6 by 9/1/2017 should audition in the 6-year-old group)

Audition groups are 45 minutes each with the first group starting at 4:00 PM on each date.  You must select your preferred audition time slot as you fill out the form. All applicants should arrive 45 minutes before their chosen audition time to check in and present proof of age.  Auditions at SAB require prepayment of $35.  You must submit credit card payment information in order to complete the form.  This payment is not refundable.

If you have any difficulty filling out or submitting the form, please send an email to with a description of your issue or error message. 

When filling out the form, please use initial caps for proper nouns such as names and street addresses. (Correct: Jane Doe, Incorrect: jane doe; Correct: 35 Main St., Incorrect 35 MAIN ST)

These auditiions are now closed.

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